Sitemap - 2022 - Youier Podcasts

Today ripples into eternity

Stop running from discomfort

It’s time to stretch!

What’s your identity?

The only way

Loved, without exception

This is not goodbye!

Give thanks, no matter what

You ARE a leader

I’m sharing my advantage with you

You are what you think

What adventures will we have today?

What if we embraced resistance?

With me you’ll walk on water

We’re just getting started

Don’t believe everything you see!

Shine brilliant one!

Promises a long time coming?

Love is the answer to everything that ails you

You’re exactly where you need to be!

It is finished!

Nothing is off limits

All things, without exception

My joy is your greatest strength!

Better & better

Relationship, relationship

Relationship, relationship

What’s my truth?

What DO you know?

Youier Game 12: Celebrate! Then rinse and repeat

Believing is seeing

Everything makes a difference!

You are a new creation!

Can God deal with practicalities?

Will you allow your mind to rest with me?

God’s not slow!

What does day to day life with me look like?

You DO have enough time!

Everything makes a difference

Speak lovely thoughts

Youier Game 11: Think lovely thoughts

Love that surpasses all understanding

What’s the outcome?

You make me smile!

Embrace relationship

You don’t need the whole plan!

I’ve been waiting for this moment

It’s not business as usual!

Can you expect the very best from me?

Youier Game 10: How to ‘click whirr’ your way to a delightful day!

Breaking agreement with busy!

What are you expecting?

What are you expecting?

Abide in me

Careless talk costs lives

Not just good but even better?

You are not alone

Take the next step

Prepare to be delighted!

Lean on me

Obstacles be gone!

Youier Game 9: Making the model Youier!

My heart aches for humanity

Come to me every time

God’s not on mute!

Can you partner with me to speak your world into order?

Who does God say you are?

Rise up in my love and shine

Don’t exasperate your children!

You can thrive

The whole earth is filled with God’s glory!

Youier Game 8: Win the week!

A season of opportunities

Play for the audience of One

What is My truth?

Love, because I am love

Anything is possible

Youier Game 7: It’s time to shove the shoulds!

Seek a first hand relationship


Me-helping you, you love

You are what you eat

Embrace a life of love

Move more

Wear love

Click whirr your way to a more delightful day!

Increasing joy

Youier Game 6: What's your why?

Don’t be a diva!

Your mind is my playground!

Watch your language!

Linger here

Writing & editing are not the same thing

It is time to receive

Consistency trumps talent!

Lead from my love


Youier Game 5: What is it time to stop?

Keep on, keeping on

What’s in your hands?

What’s your next move?

Are we there yet?

Using open loops to help you start – & continue – writing

What’s the story question you’re answering?

What’s your why?

What if nothing could stop you?

With me, no matter what

What’s your story?

Aches and groans are more than adequate

In this world, you are like Jesus

Youier Game 4: Story question & SMARTEST

This is not the end

You were born for this!

Take the next step

I want you to thrive

Your best year yet!

Youier Game 3: Your amazing mind!

Lead with me, lead with love

This is my will

It will get easier with practice

Stop trying to carry my stuff!

Start believing me for the impossible

Youier Game 2: Perfect Ordinary Day

It really is all about relationship

A specific invitation for this moment in time

I saw this moment

When have I ever let you down?

A happy coincidence?

Youier Game 1: Love Notes

Shake off sleepiness!

Who loves you most in all the universe?

I never stop communicating with you

Different can be liberating!

I rejoice over this moment with you

Dead or alive, my love will reach you

Live like you’re free!

The easiest way to be Youier today

Reverse the curse and get back to life with me

Next steps

Do you believe that I am good?

Keep on, keeping on

Do you trust me?

You don’t have to do this alone

Childlike wonder and delight

Ready for a thousand year hack to improve your mental health?

Life is a great big adventure!

How to click whir your way to a Youier you

Soak in my love

Can Jesus meet all six human needs?

You don’t need a backup plan

Why do you do the things you do?

You’re a part of the solution

Are you a list maker?

It’s time to reject fear!

Why do you clean your teeth every day?

Take me at my word. Test me. Try me

What about those people who seem to rub us up the wrong way?

Refuse to worry

Does God have a primary love language?

It’s time to stand firm in who I created you to be

Red-bottomed monkeys and zebras might have the answer

What do I expect of you?

Maybe it’s time to stop trying to change?

Working for your good always and without exception

How does God speak your love language?

Let me love the world through you

How could a murdering, adulterous songwriter be God’s man?

Unapologetically unafraid

What could you focus on?

Breaking off fear

What about those days when everything feels too much?

Boring is not in my vocabulary!

You + God’s Love = Unstoppable

Your words have power

How do you really get filled to the top with love?

Beauty in the mess

I have a dream

I’ve got you

What does God think about us ditching the shoulds?

Look to me

What’s so toxic about shoulds?

Watch me move

Introduction to the Should Shover challenge

Not every whisper requires an action


Moving with the very best!


What’s a good question?


My love is the light of the world

Where do we start?

Every time you follow a nudge from Me you save a life!


You’re more protected than you know

First thing first

Your finest work


I’ve got you

What are you saying no to when you give your yes?

Lean in

You can all prophesy!

A great big dose of my truth!

Take me at my word and simply thank me

I am that good

A whole lot of fun!

All for your good

The desires of your heart

You delight me

Whose are you?

Your true identity


Human wisdom: Making sense of what seems to make sense

It’s time for an upgrade

Let’s explore this day together

Our time is precious

Relationship is all I ever wanted

You are vital!

The power of a question

Trust isn’t a one time thing

Don’t lose heart!

As vital as oxygen!

What if there’s a blessing in the different?

Lift up your head

Let me lead and you’ll never go wrong!

Go with the flow

My vision for you

Everything good is a gift

An invitation to grow

Real worship

One rainy day does not a season make

The mess never negates my promises

I didn’t create you for mundane!

It’s not just about you

Show them my heart

Is that you God?

Take me at my word

Do life with me today

Who am I?

It’s time for you to bloom

I’ve taken up residence

A lifestyle of expectancy

Rooted and established in love!

All creation whispers God’s voice

Love from the overflow

Are you ready to let me lead?

Together we will change the world!

Are you ready to play?

Knowing and being known

Ready to step into the adventure of your lifetime?

You be you

You are spectacular!

Find yourself in Jesus

Jesus changes everything!

Jesus has done it all!

What’s stopping you?

It starts today!

Let go and let God


Expect great things

Perceiving, not receiving

The very best choice you can make

Embrace this moment with me

Embrace who I created you to be!

I am alongside you

The fight is won!

Reject the lie and come to me!

You will not be disappointed

Time is precious

Pause with me in this moment

All God’s promises are yes and amen!

You can have big expectations of me!

You will not be disappointed

I am working for good

All my promises are yes and amen!

The only box you’ll find God in

You are my precious one

Nothing is off limits

Open the box and let me in

Move as I move

Love at the expense of efficiency!

I’m meeting you where you are

Fix your eyes on Jesus

The moment has come

Does heaven have a scent?

We knew this day would come!

You are the object of my desire

It is finished!

I’m right there holding your hand

Give me your ducks!

Love wins!

What’s your season?

Hold onto hope – and don’t let go!

The miracle is done!

It is time!

I am celebrating you

Everything gets easier with practice

The power of three

I am moving, I am working

Talk to me

It’s always been about love

What if there was no agenda?

I love you, period

Trust the ripples

You delight me!

There’s no magic bullet!

It really is that simple

Live in me, live in love

Loosen up!

What next?

Relentless in my pursuit of you

Heaven is moving!

Have hope!

I am in the room with you

There is nothing light or frivolous about my heart for you!

An unfair advantage?

Our journey together

I am in this moment

A life I can flow through with wild abandon

I’m speaking right now & always

Is God really a good Dad?

We’re going after fear together

I really am always speaking

Alone is an illusion

Move with me

Use your words!

Less really is more

Hearing my heart is key

I’m in your dreams too

Get ready to love!

One question I love to answer directly …

Ask – and prepared to be delighted!

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself!

The power of knowing Whose you are

I’m not intimidated by raw emotions

What if you expected even more from me today?

An invitation to step into your identity!

You can have fun with me!

Real life, not religious life

Embrace your humanity

You’re never too anything for me

You control you!

You are a joy and a delight to me

Don’t despise the seed!

Everyone can prophesy!

I adore every inch of you!

Incredible – yet closer than the air that you breathe

Pause with me in this moment

Time with my heart is never wasted

You make my heart sing big!

For such a time as this?

I love you so much – yes you personally

I love to show you off!

Saw you, knew you, with you

As old as the stars!

I am in this moment

Too late? Too old? Too far behind?

Bringing exactly what you need before you know you need it

Loved, treasured and adored crazy person

Slap bang in the centre of my love

God’s work of art!

Every moment is precious

My original design and intent

The joy is not in the backdrop

With you in the mess

Embrace the long game with me

Bring all things to me

Dreaming is beautiful

Distraction is not resting

What’s your word?

Nothing is accidental

You will not be disappointed