Welcome to Youier podcasts!

I’m El Edwards, founder of Youier & The Blue House. I’m also the author of Heaven & El which you can also find here on Substack.

We currently have three podcasts:

  • Sam Says: Audio versions of the daily Holy Spirit love notes;

  • Lead By Design: Weekly conversations exploring the stories of the adventures leaders are on with God;

  • Youier podcast: Helping you embrace who you were created to be, take action on the things that are important, and have a great time doing it!

Some of you reading this have, until now, been enjoying the podcasts via Facebook or Instagram or maybe you’ve been listening to them on the Youier blog and you’re wondering why the change?

There’s a couple of reasons:

  1. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with traditional social media. I love the social part, I’ve got friends who I met on Twitter over a decade ago, but for me at least, it’s tended to feel less fun and social of late.

    Moving the podcasts here and adding Substack’s “notes” feature into the mix feels a bit like Twitter circa 2010 and I’m excited to explore the potential and meet a whole load of new friends at the same time.

  2. After publishing five fiction novels between 2015 and 2017 and then un-publishing almost all of them in 2021, I got a nudge at the edge of 2022 that it was time to start writing fiction again, but this time it’s going to be a bit different and I’m going to be sharing the new books chapter by chapter via on the Heaven & El publication.

    All of this is a bit of an experiment and I don’t really know what it’ll all look like but I can’t wait to find out and I would love you to join me in this journey. The easiest way to do that is to subscribe.

From time to time you’re going to see invitations to upgrade to a paid subscription. The cost of upgrading is the same as the minimum monthly payment for membership of The Blue House (£5 / ≈$6USD per month) and this isn’t an accident.

Membership of The Blue House gets you access to all the paid goodness both on here and the Heaven & El publication and upgrading to paid here or via Heaven & El includes membership of The Blue House.

(And if you’re reading this and you’re a member of The Blue House and you’ve not already been upgraded, send me a quick message inside the house with your best email address and I’ll manually upgrade you.)

It’s totally optional of course, you don’t have to join The Blue House, but if it’s a delightful community of fellow Jesus friends who have a fab time doing life together, so if you decide to upgrade to paid for the perks here, I’d at least encourage you to consider it.

Go to Youier.com/join to find out more and then, when you’re ready to join us, look for the link in the email you received when you upgraded your subscription here.

With all of that said, thank you for being here. I’m excited to share the podcasts with you - and if you enjoy what you hear, please share with some friends. I don’t know who I don’t know so I always appreciate word of mouth recommendations - and thank you in advance for doing so!

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Helping you explore who you were created to be, take action on the things that are important - and have a great time doing it!


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