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You are magnificent!

You are magnificent!

Today's Holy Spirit Love Note:

Doing life with me isn’t about putting yet another item on your to-do list and it’s not a secret collection of words said in the correct order so as to unlock the next level of my blessings. I’m not a computer game that you need to put enough time into so you can level up!

Doing life with me is about recognising that I am always with you. I have my hand on everything you do today. I’m simply inviting you to open your eyes and see my hands. See me in every aspect of your today.

This is relationship. Every step you take today, we take together. Every thought that dances across your awareness is known and heard even before it is fully formed. Every choice you make, I am whispering to your heart. You carry me everywhere you go and, in Jesus, I carry you everywhere I go. In me you have travelled to every continent in the world!

You think you’re “just you”, living your quiet little life, doing what you need to do to keep putting one foot in front of the other. There is no “just” about you! You are magnificent! Yes really. What’s it going to take for you to see yourself as I see you? And how about seeing the people in your day how I see them too?

You are not the labels you choose to put on yourself or those given to you by other people. You are the product of your story but your story is so much richer and more complex than you can currently see and understand. I say it again … you are magnificent!

As you move through today with me, aware of my ever presentness and allowing us to do life, all of life together, you will shine. It is impossible for my light in you to be hidden. Step into your wonder. Be delightful. Let me show you how I see you. It’s time to shine!

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Youier Podcasts
Sam Says
Every weekday I'm going to ask Sam, aka Holy Spirit, what He's saying, and sharing with you any nudges or prompts He has to encourage you deeper into relationship with God.
Why? Because if you love Jesus, you have Holy Spirit with you 24/7 and He's whispering to you all the time, calling you into a tangible, day by day, relationship.
Why? Because He loves you, more than you might even comprehend right now, and is inviting you into a new awareness of His love, one whisper at a time.
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