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When life feels crazy …

When life feels crazy …

Today’s episode of the podcast is a reminder for those times when life feels a bit crazy – or even just all over the place and different to how you were anticipating it would be! It was a very personal reminder but I felt a nudge to share with you too because, as is so often the case, what I ... Read More

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Youier Podcasts
Youier with El Edwards
You're great at being you. Now it's time to hear God's heart & be Youier! Because God loves you, you have His heart, and He wants to do life with you.
Youier? You, the leader you were created to be + Intentional, Expectant, Relationship!
No more boring quiet times or praying for miracles you're not even sure He wants to perform. It's time to accept God's invitation to be an active participant in your day to day life.
Conversation. Asking questions. Expecting to hear from Him. Because you can hear from God, He's always speaking - you maybe just didn't know it was Him. It's time to change that so you can stop going through the motions and reclaim that child-like sense of wonder & delight.
Fully alive, fully human! A child of the King!
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