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This moment is all there is

This moment is all there is

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

How do you live in the reality of my love? The same way you do everything … one moment at a time! This moment really is all there is. Yes, you like to make plans, have goals and dreams to work towards, but you always only ever get there one moment, one choice, at a time.

And so to live in the reality of my love you simply need to choose in this moment to believe. Believe who I am to you. Believe that I really am this good. Believe that I am for you and not against you. Believe that my love is pure and unconditional. Believe that I am everything to you that I say I am.

Believing is seeing. As you move forward, one moment at a time, believing everything I have whispered to you, all of your senses will come alive! You will see everything I have for you because you believe. 

And when your belief feels wobbly, let me help you in your unbelief. That too is a gift I long to give you. I really have done all the heavy lifting for you! Your role? Conversation. Asking for more belief, expecting me to answer you. Doing life with me, trusting that as you do so, I will meet with you and share my heart with you.

This is never about striving or performance. You don’t have to try very, very hard. This is simply about showing up, choosing to do life with me, one moment at a time. Let me help you live, really live, fully alive fully human, in this moment.

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Sam Says
Every weekday I'm going to ask Sam, aka Holy Spirit, what He's saying, and sharing with you any nudges or prompts He has to encourage you deeper into relationship with God.
Why? Because if you love Jesus, you have Holy Spirit with you 24/7 and He's whispering to you all the time, calling you into a tangible, day by day, relationship.
Why? Because He loves you, more than you might even comprehend right now, and is inviting you into a new awareness of His love, one whisper at a time.
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