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Relationships are my priority

Relationships are my priority

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Relationships are so much more important to me than you realise. Your relationship with me, yes and your relationships with the people around you. When you choose people over projects, I am delighted. The projects have value of course, but where’s the joy in meeting every deadline at the expense of love?

No it doesn’t need to be either one or the other. You can absolutely love well and explore everything I’m inviting you into – but you have a tendency to prioritise checking off items on your to-do list when the most important aspects of your day are those things that would never make a to-do list in the first place.

What are those ways that you love that you almost take for granted? They’re hard to quantify and you definitely don’t need a list but those pieces are vital!

And it’s okay to have boundaries. Yes, love well but you can’t be everything for everyone. Look to Jesus as your example. Even within the community of the twelve, he loved appropriately. He had people who he spent more time with than others, he wasn’t all things to all people, and he never let guilt get in the way of taking time away with me.

The age you live in expects you to be always on, always available, but what if that’s not my best for you? There is beauty in the connectedness of humanity, you were born for such a time as this, and you need to be aware that there is a dark side to this connection.

It’s typical of the enemy to take the beauty and the gifts and exploit them to his own ends – but you don’t need to do life the way society wants you to. It’s counter-cultural yes but what if you chose not to be always available? What if you said an unconditional yes to only a small handful of people and trusted me to help you love everyone else appropriately? I can do that. Relationships are my priority!

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