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Live like you're loved!

Live like you're loved!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Never forget that everything makes a difference, everything has an impact, in both positive and negative ways. Every single choice you make is helping you move. The key is to let me help you make choices that are moving you closer to me and towards my best for you.

But don’t get hung up on positive and negative. I use those words because they mean something to you but I am moving and working in all things for your good, to help you move through the plan and purpose for your life.

Your choices matter of course, I just don’t need you to overthink every step you take. Instead, simply take each step with me. Trust that I am leading and guiding you and I won’t steer you wrong and those times when you ignore or don’t hear my still small voice, I’m still working all things to good.

Instead of worrying about stepping poorly, what if you recognised that some of your biggest mistakes and mis-steps have been the scenes of my greatest miracles? I don’t need your mistakes and I definitely don’t will your mistakes of course. I simply need you to see me moving in all things, turning all things to good, including those times when you get it wrong.

This is important because I want you to move through today with freedom and there’s no freedom to be found in fear. There is nothing you will do today that is outside the realm of my care and provision. I am interested in all things pertaining to you so why not let me help you embrace this new day and every gift it has to offer?

Embrace the gifts that come from your identity as my child. Precious one, you are a child of the King of kings. Take me at my word and live like you’re loved!

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Youier Podcasts
Sam Says
Every weekday I'm going to ask Sam, aka Holy Spirit, what He's saying, and sharing with you any nudges or prompts He has to encourage you deeper into relationship with God.
Why? Because if you love Jesus, you have Holy Spirit with you 24/7 and He's whispering to you all the time, calling you into a tangible, day by day, relationship.
Why? Because He loves you, more than you might even comprehend right now, and is inviting you into a new awareness of His love, one whisper at a time.
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