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I'm moving in this moment
I'm moving in this moment

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Take a deep breathe. I am working and moving in all things for your good. There is a plan and a purpose for your life. You have a calling and that has not changed, regardless of today’s circumstances or challenges. Take me at my word and believe that I am working right now, in this very moment.

Yes, take a deep breathe, smile, and look forward to seeing how I am working in today’s circumstances, today’s challenges. I work in the more positive moments too of course, I don’t require challenges in order to work, but I know it comforts you to know I’m moving in the difficulties of life.

And yes, that’s why I’m reminding you of my action again today. You can still do your part of course, you don’t have to wait around feeling redundant. I love to work and move with you, through you.

Consider this … today you might be the answer to how I’m working in someone else’s challenging moment because I’m not just working in your life. I am working and moving in all things, weaving together the circumstances of life, into one beautiful tapestry.

One day you will look back at this moment and stand amazed at how far you’ve come and how beautifully I moved. This moment could be the answer to some of those heart-felt prayers and promises you hold close to your heart. I know you don’t see how yet and that’s okay. Let go of the outcome and instead simply give it all to me.

Trust the nudges, move with the invitations, and allow us to co-labour again today. We are a partnership and you’re working with the One with incredible capacity, amazing creativity and unlimited energy! There is a plan and a purpose for your life. Take me at my word and watch for my movement in this moment.

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Sam Says

Every weekday I'm going to ask Sam, aka Holy Spirit, what He's saying, and sharing with you any nudges or prompts He has to encourage you deeper into relationship with God. Why? Because if you love Jesus, you have Holy Spirit with you 24/7 and He's whispering to you all the time, calling you into a tangible, day by day, relationship. Why? Because He loves you, more than you might even comprehend right now, and is inviting you into a new awareness of His love, one whisper at a time.

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