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I don't make junk!

I don't make junk!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I knew exactly what I was doing when I dreamed you into existence. I saw you and knew you as I laid the foundations of the world. The exact compliment of gifts and talents, the things that light you up and make your heart sing, the way your mind can travel incredible paths in a heartbeat? This is not an accident! You are not you in response to your childhood experiences. Yes, some of your quirks maybe, but the essence of what makes you tick? I designed that. You are not an accident!

Yes, everything that lights you up was hand-crafted as part of the plan and purpose for your life. Everything that you get excited about is part of my design. All of the ways your amazing mind pieces things together was planned in intricate detail before I spoke the stars into being. Yes, you are that well made, that well thought of, and that well loved.

Loved, treasured and adored! I knew exactly what I was doing when I created you and this is your invitation to start knowing yourself as I know you. Every part of what makes you the person you are has a purpose. Every single intricate detail is on purpose and for purpose.

And so I ask you again … who are you? What lights you up and makes your heart sing? What are those things that are like second nature to you, that you do with total ease? What do you never get tired of doing or saying or exploring?

All of those piece are woven into the fabric of the person I created you to be, on purpose and for purpose. You are not an accident. You are not a mistake. You are not a random quirk of nature. You are seen and known and loved, fearfully and wonderfully made by the creator of the universe – and I don’t make junk!

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Youier Podcasts
Sam Says
Every weekday I'm going to ask Sam, aka Holy Spirit, what He's saying, and sharing with you any nudges or prompts He has to encourage you deeper into relationship with God.
Why? Because if you love Jesus, you have Holy Spirit with you 24/7 and He's whispering to you all the time, calling you into a tangible, day by day, relationship.
Why? Because He loves you, more than you might even comprehend right now, and is inviting you into a new awareness of His love, one whisper at a time.
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